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I work with adults, couples and older adolescents (16+) who are coping with a wide variety of life challenges including depression, anxiety, acute or chronic illness, physical pain, caregiver stress, sleep difficulties, relationship strain, divorce, trauma, role changes, life transitions, grief and loss. I also have extensive experience in medical social work, palliative care, and facilitating difficult end-of-life planning discussions.

I utilize a combination of approaches including CBT, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, EMDR, clinical hypnosis, walk-and-talk sessions, and a healthy dose of humor. I view therapy as a collaborative and creative process. Together, we will agree on a plan, periodically evaluate our progress, and, if necessary, redesign our treatment plan and goals.

Need support to boost your resilience during this time of uncertainty? Struggling with existential angst during this global health crisis? Want to learn tools to improve your coping skills? Have you been delaying getting help for a long-standing issue? Take this opportunity to prioritize your mental health. Call for a free phone consultation.


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