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I provide psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis to individuals including older adolescents (16 y/o+) and adults of all ages.  I specialize in working with people with depression, anxiety, trauma, life adjustment/life transition difficulties, clients with chronic/acute illness, habit change 



What Is Hypnosis? 

A precise definition of hypnosis has yet to be established, a difficulty arising from the fact that hypnosis is a highly subjective experience that varies in quality from individual to individual. Defining “love” and “spirituality” pose the same kinds of challenges. Despite the lack of a precise definition, we can certainly describe some of the defining characteristics of hypnotic experience:

Hypnosis involves an experiential absorption, a powerful focus on some stimulus (such as a thought, a feeling, a memory, an expectation, a sensation, the words of the clinician, or any specific aspect of experience).

Credit: Michael Yapko, PhD

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